So you are going to be puttin’ up with DocT?  Congratulations and welcome!

Most of what is in here is going on over at the Blog, go ahead and check it out.



I have been working toward this site for a couple of years now, getting serious about starting to gather images, videos and stories with the idea of launching this channel starting in 2016.

The name came from my wife, Tina, who initially suggested “Surviving Kevin” but later came up with “Puttin’ Up With”.  I liked the play on words because it could be about me putting up stuff from my garden, putting up a project like a pig roasting pit, or just putting up with me.

I am a constant learner, always with my eye on something else to try to satisfy that need to learn.  This page will be a place where I bring a lot of that stuff together.

Kevin W. Tharp is an Associate Professor of Digital Marketing Technology at The University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, WI.