Spicy Pork Salad and Artichoke

Spicy Pork, Salad and Artichoke

I bet you thought I had disappeared from the Internet. Nope, just let myself get too busy and the fun stuff like this channel took the back seat. I’m getting over that now, and so here I am with a video showing how I prepared a Spicy Pork Salad. This is not a hot spicy, it is a flavorful spicy. It uses a number of interesting ingredients and of course Doc T’s unique approach to whatever he does.

The video below also shows how to prepare and cook a fresh Artichoke.

Spicy Pork Salad

Grinding the edges off of slate tiles

We have a bathroom project going that involves quite a few slate tiles. Part of the process is to knock off the corners of the 90 degree cuts to make the lines softer, more natural, and to bring out the beauty of the hidden layers of slate.

We put up a lot of dust in the process. Today, Doc T is going to show you how that process works.

Puttin up slate dust with Doc T.