Puttin’ Up a huge inflatable pool.

After the work is done.

You know the drill.  It is summer, it is hot.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a pool in the back yard.

Yes, yes it would.

After the work is done.
Ah, floating in the pool

The easiest path to having a pool in the back yard is to buy one of the large inflatables that come with a pump for circulating the water.  We did that last summer when the temperature hit 90 degrees and we happened to see one on sale at one of those bargain stores.  We got a 18 foot pool that is 4 foot deep for about one fifth of the cost it normally goes for in stores.  We set it up and had a few swims, then we drained it and packed it away.

This spring came along, and it was time to set it back up.  No worries.  We had all the parts, we had dried it and coated it with talcum powder so the pool wouldn’t stick to itself.  It was ready to be put up.  Since I now have this channel, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the things I did to overcome the few problems we encountered.

With these inflatable pools, there is a very large air bladder at the top that needs to be filled.  That takes a little ingenuity, but that is what we are good at here at Puttin’ Up with Doc T.  In this first video, we go over the filling of the air bladder.

In the second video, we show what happens when you are just a little bit short of having enough hose to have it reach the pool.

Interview with Technology Entrepreneur Dave Brown, founder of Droners.io

Dave with fish

Sometimes you meet somebody, and you just know that someday they are going to end up involved in something pretty cool.  When I met Dave Brown in around 2006, I knew that where ever his path took him, it was going to be interesting.  I was right.

Dave with fish
Dave brown doesn’t let the opportunity to enjoy life pass him by.

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Insects for dinner


Let me start with this thought, eating a bug, the right bug, is no big deal.

If you haven’t looked yet, take a look, there are many articles that talk about insects being one of the foods of the future.  Humans have been eating bugs intentionally and unintentionally for as long as there have been humans.  But we have developed an irrational aversion to intentionally eating them.  But taking a lesson from Timon and Pumba, bugs can be a nutritious, and yes tasty component of our diets.

Go to YouTube and look for people eating mayflies, and you will get a couple of videos with people screaming about the act of eating a simple mayfly.  We have all heard of chocolate covered this or that insect.  But we cannot depend upon chocolate to be served covering all of our protein.  So I just wanted to set the record straight, mayflies are tasty little creatures that are packed full of protein, and they are easy to eat.

Go ahead, give it a try.  You may find you like it, you may find you don’t.  But I believe that you will find that it is not a big deal.