Interview with Technology Entrepreneur Dave Brown, founder of

Sometimes you meet somebody, and you just know that someday they are going to end up involved in something pretty cool.  When I met Dave Brown in around 2006, I knew that where ever his path took him, it was going to be interesting.  I was right.

Dave with fish
Dave brown doesn’t let the opportunity to enjoy life pass him by.

My nickname for him back in the day was caveman because he looked a lot like the caveman dude from the Geico commercials.  He still does.  Behind all of that hair is a very creative and technical mind, the kind of mind that ends up creating something brilliant in technology.  If things go the way I expect them to go, that something brilliant in technology is, a startup company that Dave founded 2 years ago. is a marketplace that connects licensed drone pilots in the USA with people who want to hire a drone pilot.  To understand that, think the Uber of drones.  He is preparing to expand to other countries that have similar regulations around drones, but he can tell you about that himself in the video interview below.  More interesting to me, is the lifestyle that Dave has developed for himself and his take it by the horns when you can get it approach to life.  He also seems to fit the mold of quirky hippy redneck, that is why we have always gotten along.

Dave lives with his wife and children in Rhode Island.  He works from a VW van that he parks down by the shore so that if the fishing or surfing aren’t good, he can get creative with things like developing a marketplace for drone pilots.

But, my hat is off to Kayla his wife for “Puttin’ Up with David Brown”.  It takes a special kind of someone to love a quirky hippy redneck technology entrpreneur.  Best of luck to both of you.



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