Time to make the Pizza

Yummy looking pizza

Making pizza is a process.  In previous posts, I have covered preparing the yeast, and making the dough.  In this post we complete the process.

This is the easy part, just roll out your dough, put it in the pans, add the sauce and the toppings and cook it.

I generally set my oven between 450 and 500, but if you are going to do a deep dish you will need a lower temperature.  The top shelf is going to be hotter on the top and cooler on the bottom, the bottom shelf is going to be hotter on the bottom and cooler on the top.  Ideally you would only cook one pie at a time in a standard oven, but who has time for that.  You just need to learn to work with your oven.


Starting a Yeast Culture for your Dough

Growing Yeast
Growing Yeast
Yeast actively growing

The key to getting good yeast dough is getting the yeast growing.  It isn’t hard, it just requires attention to temperatures to get it right.  In this video Doc T shows you how to get that yeast started so that you have the ever crucial foundation for any of your yeast doughs.


  • Active Dry Yeast – about 1/2 TBSP.
  • Water at between 105 and 115 F. – Depends upon dough recipe, in demo we use 2 cups
  • Sugar – a good pinch
  • Olive Oil – Optional, depends upon recipe that yeast will be used in.

Irish Soda Bread

Sliced loaf of Irish Soda Bread

Around St. Patrick’s Day every year, my wife Tina, being the fine Irish Lady that she is, gets a hankering for some good old fashioned Irish Soda Bread.  I have made this a number of times over the year with good results, but this year I put some additional research into it.

My desire was for a soda bread with dried fruit (raisins) and caraway seeds.  I trolled the Internet and found a lot of recipes, and they varied a lot.  I combined the best of what I thought were good ideas and made the soda bread you see in the video below.  Tips and ingredients are included below the video.

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