Insects for dinner


Let me start with this thought, eating a bug, the right bug, is no big deal.

If you haven’t looked yet, take a look, there are many articles that talk about insects being one of the foods of the future.  Humans have been eating bugs intentionally and unintentionally for as long as there have been humans.  But we have developed an irrational aversion to intentionally eating them.  But taking a lesson from Timon and Pumba, bugs can be a nutritious, and yes tasty component of our diets.

Go to YouTube and look for people eating mayflies, and you will get a couple of videos with people screaming about the act of eating a simple mayfly.  We have all heard of chocolate covered this or that insect.  But we cannot depend upon chocolate to be served covering all of our protein.  So I just wanted to set the record straight, mayflies are tasty little creatures that are packed full of protein, and they are easy to eat.

Go ahead, give it a try.  You may find you like it, you may find you don’t.  But I believe that you will find that it is not a big deal.