The importance of the chimney to the Rocket Stove

Rocket Stove Combustion Chamber

In this post I experiment with the chimney to see just how important it is to the rocket stove.

In this posting, I want to talk about the role of the combustion chamber and the chimney, because that is where all the real work gets done.  The combustion chamber is of course where the burning happens, and the chimney is where the smoke and flames go as the air rushes through the system.

4 brick rocket stove with chimneyThis is an experiment to see how adding a metal chimney affects the burning of the rocket stove.

It is important to understand at this point that a rocket stove works as efficiently as it does because it allows enough air to go through the system, and burns hot enough, to allow the fuel and the smoke to get burned in the combustion chamber.  The chimney is an extension of the combustion chamber, and it is essential to the process because it gives the fire enough time to consume the energy released in the smoke by burning it.  This process requires a very hot combustion chamber and chimney to be successful.

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